If you’re interested to have the Unsung Heroes perform at your event, please get in touch via the enquiry form below.

Due to time constraints, the choir is unfortunately not able to accept every engagement.  We endeavour to work with events that align with our values and purpose. 

The choir loves to perform and is thriving on increasing interest and demand.  We are busier than ever with more participants, more time spent practising and preparing, more locations for rehearsals, increased repertoire and extra support from professional musicians.

We are a free community choir, run and organized entirely on a voluntary basis.  We rely on the support of donations to cover running costs such as uniforms, music, rehearsal spaces and administrative costs.  We do not have a set charge for performances but ask that a donation is made towards the The Unsung Heroes’ funds.  The amount is generally dependent on the nature of the event (i.e. corporate and promotional vs. community events).

We also request that the travel expenses of the choir members to attend the performance are reimbursed.

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